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Makeup that Empowers

REALHER began with a story told every day around the world: a father and his infant daughter, and the father wanting to raise her with strength, confidence and the power to be fulfilled throughout her life. Luckily for his daughter, Yarie, Bill had a big idea in mind for how to do it.

Makeup that Empowers

The exquisite REALHER range is a child of two parents – Bill, and prestige makeup artist Megan Merid. Together they set about creating a brand where every product is designed to boost confidence, and to give a little daily dose of affirmation. Every product is named, not for its colour, but for a positive message – “Embrace Yourself”, one of their top eyeshadow palettes tells us, and as we choose our lipstick for the day, we might choose to tell ourselves “I am Fearless”, “I Deserve the Best,” or “I am a Goddess”. These phrases transform the routine of makeup into a daily ritual of affirmation and empowerment. Their “I am Tough” liquid lipstick was named one of the top 10 vegan lipsticks on the market by Allure.

As well as the positive message, each kit and palette has been lovingly crafted to offer nuanced colour stories, so while you learn to be your own biggest cheerleader, you know you have just the shades you need to bring out, enhance, and transform your natural beauty. And that’s central to the REALHER brand – natural beauty is something we all have.

Making a Difference

Bill and Megan set the highest ethical standards for their brand. Every day they are seeking new ways to make their brand as cruelty-free and environmentally sustainable as possible, so that your beauty and self-confidence doesn’t cost the Earth.

As well as their high production standards, the REALHER team is committed to doing active good in the world. Every year they donate to a number of charities and non-profit's that serve women’s causes throughout the world, and the REALHER team themselves even lend their time to volunteering at these organisations whenever they can. Recently they have donated to the GEANCO Foundation, and took an active role in helping during the pandemic, both distributing supplies to hospitals and offering a discount to healthcare professionals during lockdown.

All of this means that stocking REALHER products means taking part in a fantastic, worldwide project to make the world a better place, not just for individual customers, but for people everywhere. It’s an ambitious goal, but REALHER is proof that anyone can make a difference, sometimes just by choosing the right eyeliner.

For more information about the brand and how it can work for you, or to make wholesale enquiries, contact me today: info@roserelationsspecialist.com

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