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Happiness Comes in Colours

The summer of 2021 will, we hope, be a joyful one. A lot of us are getting back to our lives after a difficult year, seeing friends and family, and going out and about. Of course, for those of us with families, spending a lot of time indoors gave us the chance not only to pick up new hobbies and crafts, but share them with kids (of all ages).

So with summer on the horizon and the chance to spend time with our loved ones becoming more of a reality every day, what better crafting project than one that creates beautiful, colourful clothes for wearing or gifting?

Funkyfish to the rescue

That’s where Funkyfish comes in. They specialise in incredible pastel tie-dye kits, and a range of plain white clothes and accessories ready to be dyed however you like. And what doesn’t tie-dye look good on, especially in pastel colours? Hoodies hats, socks, bags – yes, even face-masks.

Crafts aren’t just for people staying indoors. As we go out to see our friends in their homes, in many cases for the first time in a year, crafts are a wonderful way to pass the time. Even better, with tie-dying, you create a permanent, beautiful memento of those special days, which you can wear any time you need cheering up, or want a splash of colour on a grey day.

The Funkyfish hoodie tie-dye kit was named ‘Best Buy’ by reviewers at The Independent back in April, and it’s not hard to see why. With the price point, ease of use and choice of colourways, it’s a winning combination. And they even throw in a hoodie with the kit! Each bottle of Funkyfish dye is enough for around three accessories or articles of clothing, so a standard kit has plenty to go around.

Timeless Tie-dye

Let’s be honest, tie-dying never really went out of style as a form of self-expression. We’re all artists inside, and we could all probably use a bit more colour in our lives. Whether you prefer bold rainbow colours or something softer on the eye, Funkyfish kits have you covered (literally).

For serious tie-dyers, Funkyfish also offer custom kits with up to 12 colours of the customer’s choice, and all the gear needed to make tie-dying fun, safe, and easy to clean up. If you can picture a colour, they probably have it, and of course the joy of tie-dye is mixing things up a bit and seeing what you end up with (though Funkyfish thinks their colours are best unmixed).

All-Ages fun

The tie-dying process that these Funkyfish kits use is very safe and child-friendly. Kids can take part by watching the video instructions that come with every kit. On top of that, Funkyfish makes dyeable baby clothes, and their dyes are 100% safe for baby’s sensitive skin.

As with all things that involve dyes, kids should be supervised while using the kits, but the dyes are non-toxic, and the provided tablecloths should keep your surfaces clean so you can express yourself without the mess!

For more information on these products including sourcing and wholesale, click here to get in touch.

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