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Fully Utilise Findeling to Enhance Your Retail Business

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

For close to a decade I’ve been working with retailers large and small, and helping them connect with both the perfect suppliers and the most customers.

Let’s face it: the days of “if you build it, they will come” are far behind us. A retailer needs to be on top of trends, have access to suppliers they can make the best deals with, and are expected to travel to trade fairs – some international – if they have a chance of doing either of these things. That’s a lot to do, particularly if the business is a solo operation or run by a small team. I’ve spoken to hundreds of retailers at trade shows who are feeling the pressure because every day they’re at the show, their shop is shut. The problem is, there haven’t been many alternatives.

That’s why I’m so thrilled to announce that I’ve partnered with Findeling, an amazing matchmaking service that pairs independent retailers with the brands that fit their niche and customer base, and guides their customers right to their door.

How Findeling will save you time, money and stress

Think of Findeling as a trade fair that’s always running, requires no travel time or hotel bookings, and gives you a guided experience so you always find the right brand and supplier partnerships for your business.

With Findeling you can set your preferences so that only the most relevant new products and trends are shown to you. At the touch of a button from the comfort of your premises, you can make connections, request samples, and even spend a few minutes exploring brands outside your normal areas of interest – who knows what you might find?

Although Findeling is a very sophisticated service, it has been designed from the ground up to be easy to use. If you already use a smartphone or tablet daily, then you won’t need any further skill to navigate Findeling like an expert, since the Findeling team has done all the work for you.

Because of Findeling’s excellent network (through its sister site, Fairling), you can spend only minutes finding brand connections that you might spend hours tracking down at a trade fair. Because Findeling is based in the EU, its network is global, meaning that its value for money is astronomical. At its current European pricing, you could spend less on Findeling in a year than on a hotel room for the duration of a trade fair, and you can browse with your feet up.

From the customer side, the principle is the same: they tell Findeling which city they’re in and what sorts of products they are looking for, and Findeling shows them to your door. The shopping experience is different now, with people not wanting to be in busy town centres for longer than they need to, and preferring to know exactly where to go for the products they need.

It has been launched to great success in Germany, where it sends thousands of new customers to the retail businesses that use it. Of course, right now there is a focus on those who can retail online, but as the world and our shopping habits get back to normal, Findeling will go on having the same impact on brick and mortar stores.

Findeling is ideal for stores in:







How to get involved

Findeling is looking for retailers to be the pioneers of its UK expansion, so you could be one of the first retail businesses in your city or county to be featured. This will mean not only being connected to a strong network of international brands, but having a head start as Findeling becomes the most popular high street browsing experience for UK customers.

Findeling specialises in gift and home products, fashion and beauty, kids’ gifts and stationery, so if you operate within those areas, it could be the perfect fit.

To find out more about Findeling and how it might benefit your business, fill in this form today and I’ll be in touch.

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