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DIY Jewellery Kits: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

In the past year and a half, we’ve rediscovered our love of indoor activities; crafting most of all. Through crafting, however simple or complex, we are left with a souvenir of time spent with loved ones, or a few hours of peace while a hectic world buzzes around outside our homes.

I think one of the best things about taking the time to sit down and make something is that it gives us back a little bit of control over our lives. When we make something, we aren’t just consumers; we’re creators. When it comes to gifts for our loved ones this year, that’s worth bearing in mind.

Funkyfish are bringing nostalgia back

Consumer trends in gifting lean more and more heavily towards both crafting and accessory items, and fashion is becoming (as it often does in strange times) more nostalgic. To reflect this, the craft kit gurus at Funkyfish have introduced something new to their collection: a range of jewellery kits, inspired by different parts of the world.

Just like their wonderful tie-dye kits, these DIY jewellery kits can be used to make anything the consumer likes, with each kit having a unique selection of beads and charms – some kits include real pearls. Every kit comes with a handy separator tray to keep your beads organised.

Enduring, simple, stylish

Funkyfish has been working in the fashion accessories industry for over 25 years, so not only do they know fashion, they know that fashions come and go. In the internet age, it can be hard to keep a consumer’s attention for long with a gimmicky brand. That’s why Funkyfish focus on ideas that never quite go out of style.

Few things are more expressive than jewellery we have made ourselves – or has been made for us by someone close – and with these kits, anything is possible from understated pastels and pearls to daring, fierce technicolour.

Perhaps the best thing about DIY jewellery is that, unlike with fine jewellery, nothing is set in stone (sorry, couldn’t resist). Funkyfish DIY necklaces and bracelets can be easily taken apart and rebuilt with the easy to use kits.

Conscientious gifting

If we have learned anything over the past 18 months, it’s that we are all part of a larger world. Environmental concerns are close to the heart when it comes to most of our gift buying decisions. With a lot of us worried about plastic waste, we’ve become hesitant to buy plastic products that we know will be in a landfill six months after we’ve gifted them.

Overall, market trends are showing more concern over throwaway products, environmentally damaging materials, and impersonal gifts. Funkyfish has turned its attention to crafting, and making permanent, personal gifts, using green materials wherever possible.

What could be better than a gift designed to be kept? Though the Funkyfish kits make use of plastics – as well as natural materials such as pearls and shells, and recyclable materials such as metals – both the kits and the jewellery made with them are intended to last. Several of the kits can make multiple pieces of jewellery, and what’s stopping consumers from collecting and combining kits to create their own unique look?

For more information on these products including sourcing and wholesale, and to make enquiries about other Funkyfish ranges, click here to get in touch.

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