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Blue Alligator: Your One-Stop-Shop For Online Selling and Buying

Streamlining business operations is a priority for Blue Alligator, which provides modern buying and selling solutions for importers, distributors, and wholesalers. It is exceptionally well-designed to allow salespeople and buyers to explore and order things, making it the platform of choice for hundreds of enterprises throughout the world.

Sales Presenter

This feature helps you streamline the ordering process making it automated and fast. With robust offline order-taking application, you can completely automate your selling process and ensure that your clients get their orders as they expect.

Additionally, the product catalogs are beautifully displayed. This helps your clients to view all the products you have for sale plus the description on each item. Incorporating your pricing structures into the design is yet another feature that you can find on sales presenters. Lastly, it ensures that your sales staff have a clear and accurate picture of your customers and fully understand their needs.

Importer Buyer

With ImportBuyer, your purchasing team has the ability to jot down product and supplier information while on the go. This saves you both time and money. You are also able to make rapid calculations for landed cost estimates. And you may go over your purchasing history and compare vendors to see who gives you better offers. Lastly, you can create purchase orders and keep them in sync with the back-end. This ensures that your stock never goes empty.

Cloud Cart

Cloud cart allows your customers to place orders directly from your website, providing a selling platform that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The order procedure will be automated by using the same cloud technologies streamlining the entire process. You will then also be able to view previous orders as well as new product offerings. You can access this platform from any device: day or night!

Why Blue Alligator?

Blue Alligator are a leading platform, and it is for the following reasons:

Online and offline

If you are afraid that you will not gain access to your account when the data is out, you can still take orders offline, and they will upload once you can access the internet.

It's time-efficient

The automated systems in place ensure that you get to concentrate your energies on other essential items rather than enter orders. That is taken care of.

User-friendly interface

The system has been designed for easy navigation and usage.

Fully automated system

Each sector of Blue Alligator is automated. You simply enter the fundamentals, and the system handles the rest.


However you envision your catalog to look, Blue Alligator offer you tools to get it looking as you want.

Accurate analytics

Blue Alligator offers by-the-minute stock statistics that help you stay in business.

How To Get Started

To get started on Blue Alligator, you simply complete the following enquiry form here. It is fast and easy. Do not miss on this opportunity, as it will elevate your trade immensely!

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