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I launched Rose Relations Specialist in 2020 with one simple mission: to build relationships between businesses.

Having worked B2B in the gift and home industry for 8 years, I know first-hand the power of a strong, lasting relationship between supplier and retailer, designer and manufacturer, and of course product and customer. In my career I’ve specialised in bringing people together from all sorts of backgrounds from the creative to the business-savvy to those who are eager but inexperienced. It’s been the most rewarding part of my work to see those businesses come together and thrive.

To do that, I have developed an instinct for understanding how different businesses can accomplish their short and long term goals. The secret sounds simple: a blend of solid business strategy and knowing the right people. But we all know that in reality, neither of those things can be conjured out of thin air. That is where my experience and wide range of contacts can come in. I’ve grown my skills, instincts and address book, and I know that if you let me share those assets and insights with you, your business will have the edge it needs to stand firm in an uncertain marketplace.

If you’re still not sure how I can help you, the best way to find out is to get in touch and arrange a chat with me. 

I can’t wait to get started.


Our Testimonials Do the Talking


Working with RRS was actually amazing. Communication on point, nicest people, cannot wait to collaborate again on new deals. Keep them coming please!


Simone and Rose Relations Specialist are a fantastic addition to our business, working on out reach to new and exciting brands to bring onboard our marketplace. With a keen eye for detail and excellent communication with both ourselves and brands her services are a perfect asset that can plug straight into your business!

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